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1992 Bootstrap Seminar 03/92 Day 2 #3

Published March 25, 1992

Session 7 of 12: Doug Engelbart's three-day management seminar at Stanford University, March 24-26, 1992. See the Bootstrap Seminar resources page for links to all 12 videos, plus the slide handouts and recommended reading for the seminar.

Doug begins with Q&A arising from previous session.
At 10:05 he gives a demo on the Augment system of key concepts presented in Section F, how these are applied in the Seminar Roster file, in the Augment repository of online user documentation, MDC aerospace documents, his own file management, the Augment source code files, his email inbox, a conference white paper, etc. (shown in Augment)

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Run time 82:21:00
Producer Doug Engelbart Institute
Audio/Visual sound, color


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